Acquire arrangements of pieces from various musical styles specially designed to be performed on the harp.


Harpist Student Journal


The Harpist Student Journal is an essential tool designed specifically for harp students. With a focus on learning and musical development, this tool offers a range of features to help students progress in their practice and maximize their musical potential.

Key Features:

  1. Progress and Repertoire Tracking: The Harpist Student Journal includes dedicated sections for tracking progress. Students can record their practice sessions, keep track of the pieces they have learned, note challenges encountered, and log their musical achievements. They can also plan their exam, concert, and masterclass repertoires, among others.
  2. Practice and Rehearsal Planning: A rehearsal planning feature allows students to create effective practice schedules. They can set practice goals, organize their sessions according to their schedules, and track their practice time to ensure consistent progress.
  3. Notes and Reflections: The Harpist Student Journal provides students with space to take notes and reflect on their practice. They can jot down advice from their teacher, reflect on their performances, and write down goals for their future development.
  4. Educational Resources: In addition to tracking and planning sections, the Harpist Student Journal can include educational resources such as technical exercises, practice tips, and repertoire suggestions to help students improve their playing.


The Harpist Student Journal offers a holistic approach to learning the harp, helping students stay organized, motivated, and engaged in their practice. By recording their progress, planning their rehearsals effectively, and reflecting on their practice, students can work more purposefully and achieve their musical goals more quickly.

Whether for beginner or advanced students, the Harpist Student Journal is a valuable companion for their musical journey, helping them to maximize their potential and become accomplished harpists.