Acquire arrangements of pieces from various musical styles specially designed to be performed on the harp.


Harpist Journal Amateur


The Harpist Journal Amateur is a tool designed for amateur harpists who wish to improve their harp practice and enrich their musical experience. With its friendly and accessible approach, this tool offers a range of features to help amateur harpists progress at their own pace and explore their passion for the harp.

Key Features:

  1. Educational Resources: The Harpist Journal Amateur provides a variety of educational resources to help harpists improve their playing. This can include technical exercises, practice tips, repertoire suggestions suitable for amateur skill levels, and articles on relevant topics for developing harpists.
  2. Practice Tracking: Amateur harpists can use the Harpist Journal Amateur to track their practice and progress. They can record their training sessions, keep track of the pieces they have learned, note challenges encountered, and celebrate their musical achievements.
  3. Inspiration and Creativity: The Harpist Journal Amateur offers a space for inspiration and creativity. Harpists can log their musical ideas, compositions, and arrangements, as well as reflect on their musical journey and future goals.


The Harpist Journal Amateur provides amateur harpists with a comprehensive tool to help them develop their passion for the harp. By offering educational resources, tracking their practice, encouraging inspiration and creativity, and facilitating connection with other harpists, this tool can enrich the musical experience of amateurs and help them progress in their musical journey.

Whether for beginners discovering the harp or passionate amateurs looking to deepen their practice, the Harpist Journal Amateur is a valuable companion for their musical journey.